John B Will – National Coach/Director BJJ Australia

John B WillHaving known Mr Anthony Lange for over 10 years now, I can attest to his ability as both coach and practitioner of the Martial Arts

Anthony has, throughout the past decade, become an exceptional martial arts instructor. He has a depth of knowledge and understanding of this field that goes way beyond the norm.

Anthony has a drive and passion for the arts that has driven him to actively seek out best practice in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the arts.

Anthony has coached athletes to both national and world class standard; Athletes that have gone on to win gold medals at world class competition. But it is his understanding of advanced teaching principles combined with his technical knowledge of the arts we practice that make him the highly sought after instructor that he is today

Apart from his role as a personal coach to many of our top competitors, Anthony has played a vital role in the growth and development of our organisation here in Australia

He has played a pivotal role as a referee and an organiser of our national competition circuit. In short, he is justly regarded as one of the driving forces behind the development of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in this country

With Respect

John B Will

National Coach/Director Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Australia

Elvis Sinosic – UFC Fighter

Elvis SinosicTo whom it may concern

I commenced my training with Anthony Lange in 1995. He has instructed me in Shoot Fighting (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

He has been my coach and corner man for all of my fights up until and including my light heavy weight title fight with Tito Ortiz

Anthony is extremely knowledgeable in BJJ and Martial Arts in general. I have found him to be a great coach and person. He has an ability to pass on knowledge to his students in an effective and enjoyable manner. It is always a pleasure to do one of his classes

I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony Lange as a coach and teacher. It is with his support and encouragement that I have been able to achieve the many great results for Australia and myself

Yours sincerely

Elvis Sinosic

Andrew Button

Andrew ButtonAs you make your way through your personal martial arts journey and progress through the belts, it no longer becomes how much you can dish out, but how much you can take. It’s tough, confronting and that’s why most people quit. But the thing that keeps the group at Langes MMA together is the commitment to each other.

When you get thrown, there is always someone there to pick you up. When you tap, someone is there to teach you how to avoid it next time. When you win, someone is there to say ‘well done’. I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever met over the last nine years of BJJ with Anthony – people I literally trust with my life and limbs. Not bad for a bunch of blokes dressed in pyjamas.

I can’t say enough about the value of learning about yourself through martial arts. It is a window to your mind. Anthony Lange has a unique gift in his ability to look through it too! He is a fantastic coach, dedicated to each and every one of the people who train at the club, and a great bloke.

– Andrew Button

Paul Stelfox

Paul StelfoxI started training in 2008 and at the time could only make the advanced Jujitsu classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Anthony and the team at Langes Martial arts made me feel very welcome. Everyone took the time to explain the basics to me, even though we were in advanced classes. The coaches are always generous in sharing their wealth of experience gained from competing and training all over the world. The depth of knowledge in the club is amazing.Ego’s are left at the door and the training environment is always a great place to roll.

– Paul Stelfox


Matt Crehan

Matt CrehanLanges MMA is not just a mixed martial arts gym its more a way of life that can suit anyone that walks into the gym.
I walked in over 2 years ago and haven’t looked back my only regret is not walking in earlier.
Im not a fighter, in fact I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag before walking in, and under the instruction of Anthony and the other trainers who are all fighters and hold multiple titles and years of experience in all types of martial arts, trained with me slowly turning my fitness around and now I get to spar with some of the top fighters in Australia and all round great guys.
I have great respect for Anthony and his team Its not only a privilege but an honour to be part of this club.
So thank you again see you on the mat!
– Matt Crehan

Sonny Brown

sonny_brownI have been training at Langes MMA for over 5 years and have found it to be one of the best and most positive decisions I have ever made.  Before i started i looked around at various gyms on the Northern Beaches and the choice to train at Langes MMA was a very simple one to make. No other gym had the depth of experience and training options that are offered by Anthony Lange. Anthony has had real MMA and BJJ competition experience something that was clearly lacking from all the other clubs.

It is also the longest running MMA School in Sydney and during that time Anthony has coached many people to martial arts success produced champions and black belts. I knew with that history it would be the right choice to start there and after training for many years under Anthony Langes guidance I was able to win 3 x Australian MMA Championship titles and many Gold medals at BJJ tournaments. But even more importantly I have made lifelong friends with many positive individuals that I have met through the club.

I look forward to continuing to train there for many years to come and recommend Anthony Lange and Langes MMA to anyone on the Northern Beaches who is looking to start their journey into the world of Mixed Martial Arts !

– Sonny Brown


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