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Relaxed and fun local competition for kids
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Don’t miss out kids!

This is the best kids competition because it’s within our local Will Machado Academy gym members only which makes it super respectful and friendly. What’s not to love about that.


We expect full attendance as this is the best way to gain and train your true skills. This is recommended even more so if you intend to compete at any other kids competition anytime in the next year.

We don’t have these often so make sure you are signed up to have a roll with the wider BJJ Kids community. This Party Comp actually gives lolly bags for all entrants!

We also have awesome trophies and/or medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing entrants and podium photos! Imagine those photos to look back on…

Details on the flyer yet the approximate times are:
5-6 years old  9.30
7-8 years ols 10.00
9-10 years old 11.00
11-12 years old 11.30
13-14 years old 12.00
15-17 years old 12.30pm
Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand.

Kids Party Comp Flyer Feb 2018

What to expect:

Respectful and friendly matches from the same Academy (Will Machado)

See new faces and make new mates from within the local BJJ community.   You may meet or support each other on the mats at another contest further away from home.

What you can expect to receive:

Serious respect for showing up and getting into the spirit of competition. What are your mates doing today while you are on the mats at Jiu Jitsu?


Posted on Jan 31, 2018