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Thank you to all the Langes Team that came and supported the Machado State Titles on Sunday.  There was a great atmosphere and a heap of sportsman/womanship was displayed!  Thanks to all those that worked and volunteered on the day – without you guys we wouldn’t have a smoothly run tournament.

Gold Silver Bronze
J. Bourke M. Edenborough P. May
A. Olsen S. Brown A. Liu
J. Jenkins M. Anderson R. Duffy
T. Villalobos E. Ward A. Mc Daid
T. Giral L. Flynn C. Impey
C. Paton Z. Flynn K. Tulevski
R. Mercorelli H. Bromiley A. Mcdowell
E. Allouet T. Dehlsen J. Liell
J. Edginton V. Holland R. Mercorelli
  E. Allouet A. Er
  J. Edginton M. Seminara
  P. May C. Wynne
  M. Edenborough G. Seminara
  A. Olsen W. Spillane
  J. Jenkins M. Seminara
  J. Liell G. Seminara
  Z. Allouet
Posted on Jun 5, 2017